You Can't Postpone Joy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can it with the lantern idea will you?!

I usually drink some Peace Tea for lunch and decided to save the cans and turn them into Lanterns. This is a very very easy lesson to do with students, as long as you don't mind drinking tea, and is so much fun to do. All you really need to do is take a push pin and use it to poke holes in the side of the aluminum cans. We discussed pointillism and the use of dots, and also talked about positive and negative space. I also told students to have their parents cut a little window near the bottom for tea lights to go eventually. We used a flash light first to illuminate the inside and it was awesome. here are some students working and my example with an oceanic theme for the final part. Enjoy.

Tape Resist Designs

During a guest teacher day our Bernard students explored doing masking tape and crayon resists. Here are the results. I think they turned out really well.

Goal celebration Kickoff

Cascade and Bernard are adopting a new behavior system and part of it is using these Goal Men. They are three tiered paper snowmen to represent the levels of rewards students can achieve by meeting district and building goals in Math, Respect, and Reading. Each time a building goal is reached the students can choose an incentive form each tier. The higher the tier= the sweeter the prize. Here are some fun photos of our goal men waiting to meet the students. I was pretty proud of myself for building one in about two hours time.

My little Chihuly's

Thanks to Ms. Oetken for showing me this lesson. We did a study on Dale Chihuly and his glorious glass blowing skills. There used to be a video about his MFA exhibition but it has been removed. After discussing his works at the Bellagio and in Central park and all over the world the fourth grade and other students at Bernard colored with sharpies on shrinky dink/ transparency paper to create their own miniature dale chihuly pieces. Here are the results. They blew my mind.