You Can't Postpone Joy.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the first ever Cascade and Bernard beard growing competition

Well friends,

Five competitors battled it out in a struggle to grow the best facial hair in the month of November. We all were clean shaven on November first and I must say it has been a hairy road to the finish. Now we are having our students vote with coins and spray painted pringles cans to see who will have the most money in the end of the voting period. The first place prize will be a hand made ceramic item by yours truly. I will try to update who won when we calculate the results.

Mr. Blakesely was our winner. He received a face vase, and we raised a total of $145.00 over three days.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everything has gone to pieces!

Mwhooooo  hahahahaha!

It was a destructive day with Bernard's Fourth Grade classes. We donned our mad scientist goggles and our evil aprons. Adorned with evil laughs we continued to smash pottery to bits and pieces throughout our lesson to create materials for future artwork. When sheer force was not enough, a hammer was used to really drive the nail home. The students and I had a lovely time and certainly enjoyed our spooky side that day.

 Here is my example. I apologize to Charles. His photo was eaten by the computer and did not turn out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creaky houses with falling leaves.

On a proffesional devolpment meeting day I had a guest teacher come in for Cascades Kindergarten class. These kids were to create a house structure of their choosing, and then use leaf plates to do crayon relief rubbings ( releaf rubbings) on top to overlap. They read the book Creaky Old House and then went to work. Here is what they created.
Mr. Raineri's Example  ^

Nice job Kindergartners.

You should never smile at a Croc-Key-Dile. Never tip your hat or stay and chat a while.

The Third Grade of Cascade made some drawings of Croc Key Diles. These are alligators or crocs that were created using common household keys. We talked about using found objects and adapting them to create art. These turned out really wonderfully.