You Can't Postpone Joy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cheeburger cheeburger

The fifth (now sixth) grade of Cascade made some dissected cheeseburgers. We just used a nice dark background and scrap construction paper to create these. enjoy. I am actually saving these thought he summer and will  hand them back at the start of next school year.

Mural for a friend's nursery

A co worker asked  me to paint a design for two murals for a baby's nursery. They turned out wonderfully.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These are so awesome. Will Azbill linked these to me and they  are super easy to create. Basically you are taking a square piece of paper and dividing it into four equal little squares. Then you need to cut one square out and two little bits off the sides. That would give you a fish tail or arrow looking shape. ( Instruction at the bottom) Basically you just fold the two little flaps over and it creates a pocket for the book mark to eat the corner of your paper. Add eyes, teeth, a nose, eyebrows, tentacles, or whatever else you can think of. AND, THESE CAN ALSO DOUBLE AS A FINGER PUPPET!
Thank you to the Easter bunny for buying our supplies of fancy shiny foil paper for these lessons.
These were my examples created each time I had to demo on how to make one.

This second grader made a robot bookmark.

This 2nd grader's bookmark had very pretty eyes.
The rest of these images will be Sixth Grade.> Instructions on how to create.

Odd accoutrements

I found some older images of fun stuff we did and some things in my room. Why not put them up here?
What art room has a working pulley/zip line of yarn and alphabet stencils?! So many times elementary school rooms and art rooms are dull and boring. And, even worse, they do not have their own artwork displayed. These are the places that need to be visually interesting and allow creative ideas to happen.

I did a lesson with the first grade where I drew a trunk of a tree and they handled the rainbow-ing of said tree. This allowed them to make patterns and bring color to something that is usually understood as just one color.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunshine+ getting work done+ Kindergardeners= BUBBLES!

We finished our projects of collages and decided to spend the nice weather making some of the biggest bubbles they had ever seen. After making the big ones I conjured some little ones so they could run around and pop them.

6th Grade eath day globes

For Earth day we tried to make paper mache globes around a balloon and then paint them. Instead of everyone doing a regular earth I allowed some kids to paint different planets as well. Two boys also brought in those giant bouncy balloons and one of them had quite the catastrophic change.

Sadly the silver surfer decided the earth was not worth saving in one night for this project.