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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art Auction/ Bingo Calling fundraiser

We did a pto event with families to have some bingo fun and do an art auction to raise some money for the school. We are certified bingo callers or CBC's for short. Each class did a project with me and it was a lot of work. But, we got it all done and they turned out wonderfully. Any  info can be sent if you need help with anything.

Pre-K   Paper mache tray with thumbprint stars and metallic sharpie names. (You will see I am a big fan of metallic sharpies)

Kindergarten- Misty the pig. Thanks to the Hearst center for the idea of turning a Hawaiian punch -plastic jug into a piggy bank.

1st Grade- Ceramic clock with glass beads and pencils. Each child designed and drew something to add to the piece. Thanks to Valerie Dale from Ceramics III since she helped make that one.

2nd Grade- Large nice smelling candle with Thumbtacks that were decorated with sharpies.

3rd grade- Cardboard fish with rolled paper hands.

4th Grade- Growth chart for the wall. It was a pine tree that was painted then the measurements were drawn on.
I must not have gotten a picture for Fifth Grade's pillows. We used marker to decorate tiles on canvas and then sewed the two together to make a throw pillow.

6 Recker- Bookends- Made from Little granite samples from a design store, and plaster wrap bandage.

6 Knepper- Game/ Activity mat.  Complete with recycled materials. We also spray painted the egg carton bits to give ti more pizazz.  The games of GO, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Marbles were included for this project.

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