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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sixth/ Fifth Grade Team building Games

While at summer camp and other areas I have been trained and participated in many outdoor and indoor leadership and team building activities. Therefore, the Sixth and Fifth grade classes at Cascade Elem. have worked on the human knot challenge. We discussed performance art and how one uses their body to convey meaning or a message through themselves as art.  The challenge uses everyone in a group setting to hold hands and untangle the knot with out letting go of one another. This game is great for kids who may be a bit shy at first. Once everyone starts trying to untangle, things can get a bit tricky and everyone must work together to achieve success. Enjoy these photos / action shots of our team building performance art.
6th  One team finished quicker and began observing the other team.

6 th

6th   It appears that some arms can only bend a little.

6th  Strategy was being discussed.

6th Finally making progress


5th Someones face was starting to get smushed.


5th Almost have it finished.


5th One of our classmates decided to offer a bystanders viewpoint and was making suggestions.

I almost forgot that we also played a game called ant colony. This game is fun becasue the students act like ants to gather food and bring it back to the ant colony dish. It does not matter who gets the food first or even who got the most food, as long as it is for the greater good of the colony.
Any questions please ask I throughly love this game for many reasons.

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